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What parents say about the Active Learning Services Chess Camps, Game design, Animation and computer enrichment camps

We were mentioned in Forbes Magazine!!

Are kids who make their own video games better prepared for the digital future? by Jordan Shapiro, Contributor

Coincidentally, my 8 year old son just finished a week of video game creation summer camp. About a mile from my home, in a rented elementary school classroom at one of suburban Philadelphia’s prep schools, folks from Active Learning Services ran a week long USAChess, video game creation, and 3D animation camp. My eight year old son spent the week making his own games. Charlie Edelman, a.k.a. “coach”Charlie, taught him game design vocabulary and provided an early introduction to key ideas in computer programming.

Spending his afternoons in front of a laptop loaded with the gamemaker software, my son learned refined brainstorming. He practiced the kind of focused resilience it takes to realize a vision within a fixed system. He brought a design from his imagination to the screen using contextualized problem solving, critical thinking, and systems based storytelling skills. He learned the concept of “iteration,” where failure is replaced with ongoing re-creation. And best of all, when he finished, other people–campers, counselors, and me–participated in his interactive experience.

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Active Learning Chess Camps, Gamebuilder Video Game Design Camps, Animation Camps have received great recommendations from organizations and groups and Parents of campers. Here are some links to organizations that have given their approval.

We highly recommendour friends atthe Internet Chess Club. Play on line,View lessons. Watch actual Grandmasters play.

Serious chess. Serious fun!


Our 8 year old son really enjoyed video game creation camp and now has aspirations to pursue a career as a professional video game creator. He loved the fact that he got to bring home an actual game he made and can't wait to go back for the next summer camp!

The Young Family, Naples, FL

"My son Ryan will be a returning camper this summer. Last summer he attended the Introductory Video Game Creation camp. He loved it. What a great camp you guys offer!"
The Mull Family, Baltimore, MD

The Active Learning Chess Camps thru USA Chess, the Gamebuilder Video Game Creation camps and the Scratch Animation and Flight Simulation Camps have been hits with children and parents alike. Here's what they say!

The Barrantes Family, Katy,TX

"My son's instructor was great. My son is even more excited about chess and does not focus on winning, which is great."
The Seymour Family, Providence, RI

The video game introduction camp is awesome. It takes you through the entire process of video game creating in a fun way. The best part is when you finish your game and give it cool updates. When you take breaks you play kickball with kids from chess camp. If you or your child like video games and computers,this is the camp for you. Dean, Colorado Springs, age 9

"My son has been to many camps in his life,
but I must say he enjoyed this one the most.
He couldn't wait to come home and try out his
"new moves" on us!"
The Murphy Family, Providence, RI

"This camp enabled our children to be excited about playing chess again. They actually choose to play chess before video games! Thank You USA Chess..."
The Hager Family, Norfolk, VA

"My son loved going to chess camp. He enjoyed it everyday and was proud to be there."
The Harris Family, Ft. Worth, TX

"My child's instructor was an excellent chess player and he is excellent with children. My son, loved his week at chess camp and definitely wants to attend next year. Thank you for a wonderful experience. We have tried so many different summer activities over the years and this is by far the best most worthwhile camp he has attended. Thank you."
The Gleichman Family, Detroit, MI

"This chess camp is a wonderful experience for all ages, and I would recommend this program to any parent interested in getting their child involved in chess. This camp builds great character, as what better game to contrast with life than chess, and gives children the opportunity to associate with others like them. I would surely advise any parent to send your child to chess camp, and experience this highly beneficial phenomenon."
The Bowman Family, Detroit, MI

"My two boys, aged 8 and 6, loved the camp! The Chess Master instructors easily instilled excitement and a desire to learn MORE about a most complicated game to young children. What I love most is that the strategic skill set and need for patience my boys experienced, are most transferable to the critical thinking and social skills necessary to be successful in school and beyond. "
The Sender Family, Cleveland, OH

"A great, fun, learning camp -- with exceptional teachers and staff! My grandson loved it and now has a greater appreciation for the game of chess, its rules and its history."
The Lively Family, Washington, DC

"My daughter has developed a love for chess that will
probably stay with her throughout her lifetime.
I highly recommend this summer camp as a way to develop
or maintain a child's sense of what he or she can accomplish.
She is already excited about attending next year's camp!"
The Naraghi Family, Washington, DC

"When I asked my son if he liked Chess camp he said, I don't like chess camp Mom, I LOVE chess Camp!"
The Byer Family, Washington, DC

"My son was able to see how much he progressed during the week, which fostered more self-esteem. It was very clear to him that he worked hard at camp, but he was proud of it, especially since his teacher also acknowledged how hard he and his classmates."
The Stokes-Hammond Family, Washington, DC

"My five year old son loved the camp, and is excited to go again next year. It was amazing to us that such a young child could develop such a grasp of chess concepts as well as love for the game. He came home after three hours of playing chess daily and just wanted to play some more."
The Makovsky Family, Washington, DC

"My son's teacher was an excellent teacher with a love of chess and a handle on kids. His love of chess and his ability to communicate that passion even got me excited about it. And it's a bonus that he knew how to handle the kids who wouldn't sit still and give other kids an opportunity to talk. He wasn't afraid of the kids, spoke to them at their level, told them stories of his personal chess experiences, and so motivated my seven-year-old son that he is now carving his own chess set."
The Chastain-Howley Family, Ft. Worth, TX

"Chess Camp was definitely a highlight of my son's summer. He was so exited to have the opportunity to learn more about chess in a fun atmosphere. He had a great time!"
The Meir Family, Chicago, IL

"USA Chess Camp is an excellent program for children at any level of chess. It encourages thinking ahead, problem solving and strategy. My child thoroughly enjoyed each day!"
The Orr Family, St. Louis, MO

"Parents who are considering USA Chess Camp for their sons should also consider it for their daughters. Why should boys have all the fun? My 5-year-old daughter loves everything about the camp: the instructors, the snacks, the other kids, and, of course, the thrill and challenge of the game itself. Her only complaint was that it ended."
The Harris Family, Dallas, TX

"A great learning opportunity for children of all ages. The instructors are excellent in the game of chess and have a love of the game that carries over to their teaching skills. This type of instructor is a great motivator for the children and truly gets them excited to learn."
The Thomas Family, Dallas, TX

"My son thoroughly enjoyed this camp and can't wait to do it again! He was able to play chess all-day (a dream of his) while learning and improving his skills. It's so nice to participate in a summer camp where everyone has the same interest. I would highly recommend this camp."
The Marshall Family, Austin, TX

"Of all the weird and whacky things my son could be into, he now loves chess. We play together all the time! Thank you so much!"
The Peterson Family, Norfolk, VA

"What a refreshing camp for the where my son had to think, learn and exercise his brain. It was his favorite camp of the summer and he challenges me to chess now EVERY night!"
The Spottiswood Family, Dallas, TX

"My daughter loved the camp. She is almost 5 and I would never have guessed she could learn so much of a difficult game in such a short period of time. She is excited about the game and enjoys practicing with her dad. She was disappointed that the camp ended and is looking forward to attending the weekend classes in Dallas. We could not have asked for a better experience."
The Goltz Family, Dallas, TX

"My son has come to your camp for the last two years.
The best endorsement I can give is that he started asking
if he was going to chess camp before school was out for the summer.
It is a quality camp with excellent instructors, and my son came home
every day excited and ready to return for more."
The Brasher Family, Dallas, TX

"The USA Chess Camp is one of the most well run camps that we have come across. The instructors are very professional and knowledgeable and they make the children feel welcome and comfortable. We hope they'll be back in Charleston next summer!"
The Rieder Family, Charleston, SC

"This camp is very good for young children. My son was 6 when he first took it and he was able to learn a lot and has a great deal of excitement for the game now. I look forward to the benefits of all that he learns through this process. We will probably join a chess club this year."
The Krueger Family, Dallas, TX

"It was a pleasure to notice from the hallway a couple of times how the instructor kept the children focused on the chess instruction and how quiet and attentive they were. My child was highly enthusiastic in his descriptions of his teacher and of what they were learning. More than a month has passed since the OKC chess camp and my child continues to speak of it as his favorite activity of the summer and of his teacher as one of the best teachers he has ever had. It is clear that my child learned a lot about chess from the camp. I was impressed with his professionalism and ability to work with children, to establish a rapport with them so quickly."
The Nollert Family, Oklahoma City, OK

"Our daughter LOVED chess camp! She had fun, was challenged, and definitely took her game to the next level! Her birthday fell on a camp day and we thought she might like to take either the morning or afternoon session off, but she insisted on attending both. We compromised on a special birthday lunch in between sessions. Amazing! Thanks for the ultimate learning experience!"
The Jenkins Family, Norfolk, VA

"My son came away from this camp with a working knowledge of the game of chess, as well as special techniques and strategies for winning. The instructors were encouraging and knowledgeable. We will definitely be back next year!"
The Polk Family, Norfolk, VA

"The chess camp is a wonderful way to learn how to play chess, make friends and develop good thinking skills. The instructors are warm-hearted, soft spoken and always positive with the students. The instructors knowledge of chess is fantastic which in turn is passed along to his/her students!" :) "At the end of the camp your child will amaze you!"
The Homesley Family, Austin, TX

"The Chess Camp was one of the best camps I have ever sent my children to. Both of them loved the camp, they looked forward to going each day and only felt that the camp was too short when it was over. Thank you for being so well thought out, organized and taking the time to find instructors that make a difference."
The Frech Family, Norfolk, VA

"The chess camp tour is the best academic camps my middle school son has ever attended. It combined successfully combined fun with learning. It increased his self-confidence, and gave him a new window on the world of opportunities chess can lead into. He also met other boys and girls with chess interests like his own. I plan to send him to the camp every year."
The Shuman Family, Norfolk, VA

"I recently read the book 'See Jane Win' by Dr. Sylvia Rimm because I am always concerned about how we raise our children. It made it clear to me that there are a few key factors that made these woman successful and I could help my daughters be as, if not more successful, by concentrating on supporting them in key areas - of which one is Math. Since there are no known summer math camps for children under the age of 9; I thought Chess would be a wonderful and fun way of introducing pattern recognition and healthy competition into my very uncompetitive daughter. Boy was this camp great!! She not only came away wanting to "do it again next summer"; she played her Dad (who's played since he was 8 years old) for the first time and took his queen!! (and he was honestly not letting her!). He did check mate her in the end, but we both (her Dad and I) realized that if we put her in just one more week to work on checkmating strategies/end game (which they really don't have as much time to cover in 1 week beginners) she is a formidable competitor at just 7 years old. Not to mention, and most importantly, think of how wonderful it is for her self esteem!!!:
The Groh Family, Wilmington, DE

"My five year old raved about chess camp. She was riveted from 9 am until 4 pm and my husband and I were really surprised. She wanted to come home at night and keep playing chess! She told me this was the best camp she's ever been too. She LOVED it and wants to go every year."
The Corydon Family, Wilmington, DE

"My child came home daily electrified by the experience. He wanted to play more chess. His instructor was enthusiastic and related well to children. He taught my son a great deal. We were VERY impressed with him."
The Friedman Family, Houston, TX

"I was extremely impressed with the way the whole camp was conducted. We will be there next year and will bring more friends. All Chess Camp employees seemed to know where every child was supposed to be at any given time and were very professional. The children were treated with respect and kindness and everyone seemed happy to be there."
The Goncalves Family, Dallas, TX

"When your six year old child comes home excited about his day and he is looking forward to the next day of playing and learning chess, I would say you are doing something right."
The Ship Family, Denver, CO

"The USA Chess Camp was outstanding. My seven year old son thoroughly enjoyed learning chess strategies in a fun and enthusiastic environment. His instructor was able to take his thorough knowledge of chess and bring it down to a level that seven year olds can understand by using rhymes, games and stories. I highly recommend this The USA Chess Camp."
The Vogel Family, Dallas, TX

"Chess Camp was so exciting and fun for my son. He wants to attend next summer session already. One week just was not enough. He was focusing better and thinking better analytically. Instructors were great."
The Matthews Family, Dallas, TX

"This summer was our first experience with Chess Camp. It was well organized, well supervised and well taught. My sons went from knowing chess moves to understanding the depth of chess strategies. It was an excellent experience."
The Stearns Family, Oklahoma City, OK

"Our boys loved Chess camp! The outstanding instructors made learning fun for our youngsters and ourselves! My son can now beat me in chess--I look forward to attending chess camp next year with my spouse!"
The Baskin Family, Denver, CO

"My children loved this camp and they loved this instructor. It was evident that they learned allot. Their comment was "I wish chess camp could last all summer".
The Lugg Family, Denver, CO

"I would recommend USA Chess Camp to anyone who loves chess. My son is a pretty serious player and really benefited from the camp. Our instructor was not only a highly rated player himself, but was a great teacher. He was able to instantly assess the abilities of each student and coach to their abilities. My son could not wait to go every morning and didn't want to leave in the afternoon. I was extremely impressed being that this was the first year the camp was held in our city. I will definitely send our son back next year!"
The Edmondson Family, Chattanooga, TN

"My 6-year old son originally enrolled for the half day chess camp. He was so excited by the instruction the first day that he switched to full day. Then, he came home every night and played 2 more hours. He kept asking if there was another week so he could go again. The staff and director were very knowledgeable and helpful. The whole experience was a wonderful introduction to chess camp."
The Vinall Family, Houston, TX

"This is a "must do" camp for all children regardless of their chess playing abilities. The camp takes the students to a new level of playing and increases their ability to focus and think logically. It enhances all areas of their life. AND THEY HAVE FUN!!"
The Laughlin Family, Denver, CO

"Our child loves chess and he can be shy about new situations but when he walked into Chess Camp the first day it was like he was coming home. He slid into a chair and started playing chess and never looked back. The atmosphere was very focused on chess, kids, and fun."
The Carlson Family, Denver, CO

"The camp was an excellent learning experience for my son. He now plays with a deeper understanding of the game. He considers whether his moves will be positional improvements or create weaknesses for him. Because of this camp, he gained an appreciation for some of the finer points of the game. I look forward to watching his rating go up at his next tournament."
The Pepper Family, Oklahoma City, OK

"My child's instructor greeted my child each morning with a smile and sent him home the same way. After the week was over when asked if he'd like to go back next summer, I could barely finish the question before he was shouting, "YES!!" This week he keeps asking why chess camp wasn't longer. And to top it all off, I have been "taught" how to play chess several times and never found it remotely interesting. Now granted, he is my own flesh and blood, so now I'm a bit biased, but nonetheless, my 5 year old sat down with me over the weekend and taught me how to play chess, and I for once found it totally enthralling. So if Miss Church can teach my 5 year old how to teach others to play chess, well, what more can I say? Thank you for making our summer!"
The Bauer Family, Houston, TX

"Having a love of the game of chess, I wanted my son to have know the same love. The chess camp introduced my son to the game in a way that was interesting and open ended. By open ended, my son was given the tools to succeed not by a prescribed method but by using basic information to expand his options. He has a mind for basic puzzles. The chess camp expanded his desire to solve puzzles. I recommend the chess camp for anybody who wishes to give the child to gift of learning a skill devoted to decision making."
The Chong Family, Oklahoma City, OK

"My son Max (11yrs) attended your summer camp last week in Colorado and thoroughly enjoyed himself. I want to tell you about a game he played last night....Max's older brother (almost 16 and a decent player for a beginner) came back from his vacation and sat down to play a game with Max (Max has never been able to beat him or even come close - very frustrating for such a competitive boy). I walked in about move 5 and noticed they both had developed solid so far. As I watched the game go on, I couldn't help being surprised at the poise and patience Max was displaying. He was fighting for the center, developing his pieces and castling his king. At this point, I was anticipating a move that made no sense (figuring he didn't understand what to do at this point).... instead he looked for a way to start confrontation in the center (Gavin's position wasn't ready for this). Some pawns were exchanged and he moved his knight to the middle of the board. He then started looking for forks, began moving his rooks to the open files and then steam rolled his brother. In the end, he had two queens, rook and pawn against a lone king. He ended up stalemating the position. I have to say, I was totally shocked at what I saw - he was looking at the "whole" board every move. You and your team did a fantastic job of providing a fun environment and teaching the game of chess!!!"
The Wisdom Family, Denver, CO

" USA Chess runs a camp that is very instructive, educational and FUN! The teachers use innovative methods to keep the class interested and make sure that the concepts are repeated so that the student leaves a better chess player then when they entered. Not only was the instructor able to speak to the children in a way they would find interesting, he was also able to keep his class in control and focused. Not an easy task with that age group (6-7 years old) for an all day session. My son had fun AND learned something - can't ask for more then that. Thank you."
The Cordeiro Family, Dallas, TX

"My son's instructor taught at the level of the children, which as a parent I find hard to do myself. He is very talented in that regard. He builds their self-esteem, while helping them to learn. This is the sign of a true teacher. This has been our second Christmas-Break camp and we are still very, very pleased with the experience. My daughter will be old enough next year and we are looking forward to two attendees then."
The Gerthoffer Family, Dallas, TX

"My son has now attended two chess camps (summer and winter). He has enjoyed both experiences and is looking forward to attending again next summer. Camp is well organized and the staff is great."
The Wood Family, Dallas, TX

"My son had a wonderful experience. We believe we are really getting a lot for our money at your camps. They are better than any other camp around. I wish my daughter showed an interest in chess. Maybe she will in the next year or so. Thanks again. P.S. The ceremony day is fun for the kids and very informative for the parents. Thanks for your time."
The Voorheis Family, Dallas, TX

"My daughter attended the all day camp in Dallas during the winter break. She had so much fun, she wanted it to last longer than the three days and is looking forward to the summer camp. It was a lot of fun for her to play and learn with the other chess kids. I saw that there were plenty of instructors making it possible to break the children up into groups from beginner to advanced. She came out having learned some very valuable chess tools and had a blast doing it."
The Hall Family, Dallas, TX

"I wish you can have more than one week summer camp in our area next year. In fact, I hope you could have a branch in our area. I love your teaching styles!"
The Liao Family, Washington, DC

"He came away from the experience more interested in chess. I feel like I got my money's worth. It was well-organized, educational, fun, and age appropriate."
The Voorheis Family, Dallas, TX

"Chess camp was one of the most positive experiences my son has had to date. My son loved learning beginning chess strategies each day, and he loved playing other children his age. He attended horse-riding camp and baseball camp this summer, but only during chess camp did he say EVERY night, "I can't wait until the morning because I know I'm going back to camp!" I will plan our family vacation around chess camp next summer!"
The Kiker Family, Washington, DC

"Being a competitive chess player myself I very much appreciated the quality of the instruction. Not only are the instructors strong players themselves, but they're also excellent teachers (most of them teach chess full time, I believe, and that shows). The material they use to illustrate the various concepts is very interesting and relevant. Just watching for half an hour in the morning made me wish I could stay the rest of the day. Initially hesitant about taking the afternoon session as well, my son only needed one morning to decide he wanted to be there the whole day (and was often still playing during aftercare). His enthusiasm only increased as he moved to a more advanced class during his second week in chess camp. In addition to picking up a lot of useful chess skills the kids had a lot of fun playing speed chess and "bughouse" (a chaotic version of chess played with 4 players - very entertaining!). At the end of the week there was certificates, trophies, picture taking, etc. for all the kids. All in all a very enjoyable experience (for both of us!)."
The Boldingh Family, Chicago, IL

"The instructor kept my son interested and motivated through all the classes, not an easy task considering what a group of 6 year olds is usually like! He wants to go again...what more can I say?"
The Pigot Family, Dallas, TX

"When my son first went to camp, he knew nothing about chess. By the end of the first day he was telling me each of the players, their moves and was beginning to discuss strategies. As the week progressed he made remarkable progress. I think this is attributable to the instructor's presentation of the game."
The Cross Family, Washington, DC

"My daughter had a delightful time and came home enthusiastic about playing with her family and teaching us what she'd learned."
The Smith Family, Washington, DC

"The camp was well organized and my child had a great time and would like to attend again. I thought it was a good mix of instruction and a little bit of free time so the campers didn't get to restless. It seemed like both the instructors and the kids were enjoying themselves."
The Yingling Family, Washington, DC

"My son Daniel, age 8, loved his week of chess camp. Every day he came home enthusiastic and anxious to show us what he'd learned that day. I was afraid that it might be too much "sitting" for him, but it's clear that USA Chess knows how to work with children and keep them interested and involved. Daniel is delighted with his new skills and is anxious to keep improving. We're looking forward to next year."
The Monaco Family, Washington, DC

"My son's instructor did a great job engaging the kids. He came home with stories about Paul Morphy, for example, and was very stimulated the whole week. He talked excitedly about moves and pieces and en passant all week long. I was amazed."
The Greenberg Family, Washington, DC

"My son's instructor had a group of mostly 6 year olds, and mostly boys. When I observed the instructor, he was very dynamic and kept the children's attention, and made chess seem like the most interesting thing in the world. My son looked forward to attending chess camp everyday. He is very new to chess, and when was very excited to play at home, and to read books about chess. The camp really fueled his interest."
The Brennan Family, Washington, DC

"Both my boys (8 and 10 years old) are usually not very enthusiastic about camps like this, but they really liked this one! They looked forward to going each day and it was overall a good experience."
The Younkin Family, Chicago, IL

"Your camp is the best environment for learning chess. My daughters did not feel intimidated last year when they
arrived at camp and knew nothing about the game of chess. This year they built on those skills and really excelled. I also appreciate your emphasis on good sportsmanship and that losing is as valuable as winning!"
The Chisolm Family, Washington, DC

"My son was so excited he couldn't even fall asleep on Monday night. He was challenged and learned a tremendous amount. Each day on the way home he would recount his experiences. I could tell that he really enjoyed himself."
The Walters Family, Dallas, TX

"...His enthusiasm was infectious; my children came home from chess camp and would play chess games throughout the afternoon and into the evening. The instructors really gave them a sense of being able to play chess well and to continue to get better."
The Kisielius Family, Chicago, IL

"...She was a very special teacher, my son learned a lot. He came home talking about his teacher and how much she knew about chess game and he love it. In the last day ceremony I was able to see her explain to the children one more time what they did during the week and I was very pleased with what I heard in the classroom."
The Pereira Family, Houston, TX

"He had a great time and learned a lot. He came home every day telling me all he had learned and we are still practicing. I think that when a child enjoys what he is doing is because there are great people around him teaching them."

"My kids were good players, and now they are much better players and much more excited about chess. My son has even made a chess set out of Lego."
The Murray Family, Chicago, IL

"Great experience. My son had fun learning, meeting new friends, playing sports in recess. Nothing is better than learning and having fun. We definitely plan on returning."
The Schmerin Family, Houston, TX

"My 5 year-old daughter never played chess before her attendance to chess camp. We thought she would enjoy it because she likes to play games and she is an early/advanced learner. At the conclusion of her week in class, she can proudly boast about teaching her dad a few tips and even beating him in the first full game they played together! (with just a little help) I would definitely recommend the program."
The Paskind Family, Chicago, IL

"My daughter is 7 years old and I have introduce her to the game of chess when she was 6+. After she attended the chess camp she is now very enthusiastic w/ the game. She knows the history , started to read chess books and would want to play a game of chess w/ me every night. seeing her improve each day is a joy for me. I would highly recommend this camp to any kids interested in the game of chess."
The Loh Family, Houston, TX

"We sent our 6 yr. old and our 10 yr. old to Chess camp. They got instruction on their appropriate level. They both furthered their knowledge of chess strategies and gained tremendous confidence about their chess game. At the end of the week, both of them wanted to camp the continue for another week. Thanks for bringing the USA Chess National Chess Camp Tour to our city."
The Davidson Family, Houston, TX

"This is a great program and allows the participants of all levels have a strong foundation and understand basic rules of the game. This allows the participants to have fun winning games with knowledge than by chance. Instructors were very knowledgeable and very professional. Facilities were nice and kids had fun learning. My son's instructor was very thorough and explained with patience and enthusiasm. She was simply fabulous. She was friendly, cordial and knew her material and how to teach the young kids."
The Naik Family, Houston, TX

"Well-organized and timely run chess camp, in a safe and pleasant environment. Run by proficient and capable instructors, who are able to encourage and discipline children as appropriate. Overall, an enjoyable and rewarding experience."
The Ali Family, Houston, TX

"This camp was an incredible learning experience and so much fun that my children did not want to leave! My son suggested that the camp should be longer! It amazes me how the teachers are so good with chess and also are great with the kids at various levels."
The Salatino Family, Dallas, TX

"Chess Camp was a great option for working parents during the holidays. A week learning more about chess in a fun, safe and stimulating environment was key. My son was delighted to receive a trophy and chess board at the end of camp."
The Lindlsey Family, Dallas, TX

"My son gained experience and confidence and had fun on top of it. He's ready to come back in the summer."
The Taylor Family, Dallas, TX

"Our daughter went from a very basic beginner to being able to play a challenging game with her aunt, a seasoned life-long chess player. The instructors are all knowledgeable and use a teaching method well-suited for young children and parents alike! We will definitely make this a regular part of our child's camp activities, and it has enhanced OUR ability to play with her at home with the numbered & portable chess set that came at the end of the week. She is also very proud of her trophy and shows it to everyone!"
The Farrell Family, Dallas, TX

"My daughter seemed to enjoy this more than any of the other activities she has experimented with. We have played chess together every day since the first day of camp. The short time I sat in on a class, it was very intriguing to see all the six year olds so knowledgeable and excited about chess. It certainly made me want to take a chess class, too!"
The Clark Family, Dallas, TX

"Thanks very much for a wonderful camping experience. It has made my son a very happy boy and has greatly increased his self-esteem. My wife and I thank you very much for your program and making all the kids feel they can accomplish anything they set their mind to. It has made a HUGE difference in my son's life and self esteem. Warm regards."
The Brown Family, Austin, TX 8

"He (Mr. Ziane) has a wonderful rapport with the children and tons of enthusiasm. His lessons draw you in and make you want to listen. I was most impressed by his ability to describe the sequel of any move that a child suggested without a moments thought...I would like to thank you for bringing this program to Austin it was a really good opportunity for our kids. We look forward to the program next year."
The Abolafia-Rosenzweig Family, Austin, TX

"His teacher really made this week fun! My son did not want to leave to go home every day because he was having such a good time. He also learned a lot about chess and was so excited that he wanted to play his Dad every night. We will be coming back to camp again next year!"
The Hunn Family, Dallas, TX

"My child's teacher was WONDERFUL! He is a very engaging teacher and has a great amount of knowledge to share.... His enthusiasm is contagious. I observed his class one day and was amazed! Please bring him back next year."
The Smith Family, Dallas, TX

"He loved the camp. In fact, immediately upon leaving, he asked if he could participate in the camp during the Christmas holidays...I think this was the favorite camp that my child has ever attended. He loved playing and learning strategy, and it didn't phase him that he rarely won, a testament to the program's focus on instruction and not just result! He wasn't a very experienced chess player at the beginning, but he finished the camp eager to find opportunities to continue to play."
The Peacock Family, Dallas, TX

"He came away with a renewed enthusiasm for the game of chess. He would like to begin competing in tournaments. As a parent, I felt that I got my money's worth. My only regret was that I didn't sign him up for all day. I just couldn't imagine that Stephen would want to spend all day for 5 days playing chess. But he clearly didn't want to leave each day at noon and has been playing non-stop."
The Bayer Family, Dallas, TX

"My son has already asked if he can do the camp again next year. He really enjoyed it and it has definitely boosted his interest in chess."
The Schweinfurth Family, Dallas, TX

"My son truly enjoyed this Chess Camp and is looking forward to more of them in the future. Thanks for stretching his chess knowledge even more than before."
Shelley Storm, Dallas, TX

"I couldn't believe the breadth and depth of experience of the teaching staff at this camp! You have an amazing staff! "
The Kistler Family

"Our daughter had a wonderful time and learned so much. She couldn't wait to get home everyday to show us the new things Miss Julie taught her. From the very first day on Elise has been very proud of her new skills and has told her friends and our family all about chess camp and showed off her trophy."
The LaBella Family

"He loved the camp and says he learned so much. He wants to attend again next summer!"
The Hudson Family

"My son had a wonderful week. The week was a nice balance of fun for the children while learning such a difficult game. By the end of the week, he had definitely improved his knowledge of the game and truly enjoys playing every night with his dad."
The Thomas Family

"My eight year old son really benefited from this camp - in one week he went from an intermediate beginner to an intermediate player, confident and knowledge of openings, closings and different playing strategy . The camp greatly enhanced his interest and enjoyment of chess. He is anxious to show his friends and draw them into the chess world."
The Strecker Family

"This is my 6 year-old daughter's second camp. She brought a friend this time, and both girls had a ball while learning a great deal about chess."
The Eichner Family, Dallas, TX

"Our first time at Chess Camp was a great experience. My six year old tested his basic skills and then began to learn tactics and strategy. He learned so much in one week! But most importantly, he had fun! Thanks!"
Michelle Jones

"This camp is the best camp of the summer! Our 5 and 7 year old had so much fun while they were learning a game they will play their whole life! The instructors were top notch - loved the children and inspired them to want to learn how to play chess. The day following camp, our son informed us that he was going to become the best player in the world!"
The Salatino Family, Dallas, TX

"The setting for the camp was wonderful. The knowledge and experience of the instructors was appreciated. The children were there to learn and experience chess and were serious about the game. The gifts at the end were beautiful of high quality and made the children feel as though they were appreciated by the staff. my children look forward to attending next summer and continue to challenge each other at the game of chess with the rules taught to them by their wonderful instructor."
The Newton Family

"I'm thrilled that my children have taken an interest in chess. Camp was a great experience. I'll enroll my daughter again and add my two younger children next year."
The Boone Family, Dallas, TX

"The chess camps have been great for not only receiving chess instruction from fantastic instructors, but also have allowed him to build on chess-centric friendships and experience qualified chess instructors from many different locations across the country."
The Hagen Family, Dallas, TX

"My son attended the USA Chess Summer Chess Camp and thoroughly enjoyed learning higher level chess maneuvers and skills. It is a very organized and fun program."
The Wallace Family

"My son had a great time in chess camp. He learned the basic rules and strategies of chess, but more importantly, he learned how to conduct himself like a gentleman before during and after a game. These are important lessons that apply to chess as well as to life in general! We'll definitely be back next year!"
Julie Taboh

"My son really enjoyed going to chess camp. He found the instructors to be friendly and informative. He has already said he would like to return next summer."
The Capplonch Family

"My son was very enthusiastic about attending chess camp each day--and was especially glad to see his instructor. He also finished camp with increased enthusiasm for the game."
Debbie Schrager

"He learned and enjoyed himself simultaneously! Has already asked to return to camp next year!"
The Empen Family

"I must tell you, my son had a wonderful experience with Chess camp. He enjoyed his classes and loved his teacher, as did I. Please thank her again for us. He seems to have picked up quite a bit and is excited about continuing to play. We will look forward to attending Chess camp again!"
The Dorn Family

"I strongly recommend this Chess Camp for children of all ages. My 6 year old daughter loved it & she's a tough sell! She actually learned to play! She had no experience what so ever. She won a game against one of my co-workers, fair & square. She learned to play basic chess in just 5 morning sessions with no previous experience."
Pat Edwards

"My son loved playing chess. For a kid to go into this camp knowing nothing about chess, and then walking away excited about it, is a huge accomplishment!"
The Blumenthal Family

"This chess camp is a one of a kind experience for the kids, everyone is treated equal regardless of their rating. The kids left the camp with a feeling of self confidence, ready and eager to explore and utilize all that they had learned. We can hardly wait till next year....I give Chess Camp a 5 star rating *****"
The Victory Family

"My child has very high functioning Asperger's syndrome and (he) thrived at chess camp."

"My son did his homework (after chess camp) right away everyday. I never get that from his regular schoolwork! He is also teaching me chess terminology and showing me some plays. He has really enjoyed learning more about chess and loves applying his new knowledge to his game."
The Hoelscher Family

"I just wanted to tell you again what a fabulous experience my son had at chess camp. He came home each day just glowing with excitement. Everything was done with such a high degree of professionalism and such love and concern for children. I also enjoyed hearing the story of your business.

"Our younger son is not easily impressed with summer camp activities. Last year, his older brother was enrolled to attend your camp, but got sick. Our younger son took his place and hasn't stopped talking about what a great camp experience he had. He continues to play chess with his Dad and looks forward to camp again this summer. Sincere thanks."
The MarkhamFamily, Dallas, TX

"It was a great experience for my son. He had a lot of fun and feels very proud that he made his first video game. His teacher was great and the camp was fun. He isdefinitively doing it again next year."

Though my son is an active boy (& though we encourage movement & exercise/sports activities), we signed him up for the game-programming classes with Active Learning because his brain is so computer- & game-oriented. My son had an absolute blast at these camps! He learned how to program video games in 2 different programs (1/2 day with GameMaker; 1/2 day with Kodu), and he proudly showed off his accomplishments at home! Everyday he looked forward to going to camp - not just to keep programming, but also to see his new friends and the games they developed! "Mom, if we get there early enough, I can see what So&So was working on!" My son truly enjoyed the camp with Active Learning! We are so happy it was introduced in Austin, and we're excited about next summer! Thank you! Julie Foley