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1/2 day Scratch Animation:1/2 Day Gamebuilder Advanced (3d Concepts)
1/2 day Animation, 1/2 day Gamebuilder Advanced (3d Concepts)
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Campers aged 9-16 with prior Gamemaker experience will learn Scratch Animation (a freeware animation creation software developed by MIT).  for 1/2 day, and create a 3D base defense style game for the other half day session.  Camp descriptions are as follows:

1/2 Day Scratch Animation

In this half day program, campers learn to create computer animation projects using Scratch (a freeware animation tool). Scratch allows campers to program interactions between characters, actions, talking, add photo images, etc. to create stories that are interesting, entertaining, and fun.  The campers learn basic programming skills and have the opportunity to broaden their imagination.

1/2 Day Video Game Creation Advanced 3D Concepts

Children with prior experience with Gamemaker software learn the principals used in making 3d style games while creating a game where the objective is to defend a “home base” against opponent’s forces. Lessons include the principles of perspective, scale, infinity and other concepts. Children 9 -15 are challenged while allowing them to creatively apply their Gamemaker skills and learn how game designers make the 2D computer screen “come to life” with 3d effects. At the end of the camp children will be given instructions on how to download the game and then can purchase a license from YoYo games ($49.99) to continue to build and play the game at home. A limited number of discounted licenses will be available from Active Learning for early camp registrants.


Most Camps               9:00AM-  4:00PM


Shreveport, LA             8:30AM-   3:00PM

Tulsa, OK                    8:00 AM-  3:00 PM

Melbourne, FL             9:00 AM-  3:30PM

East Greenwich, RI    9:00 AM-  3:30PM

Ft. Worth, TX                 8:30AM -   2:00PM

Ages 7-16