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Combine 2 programs

1/2 Day 3D Concepts and 1/2 Day Video Game Creation- Arcade Style
1/2 day 3D Concepts, 1/2 day Gamebuilder - Intro
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Students will take our Intro to Animation program or our Gamebuilder Video Game Creation Program- (Arcade Style) game in the AM and then, after a supervised lunch break, they will switch classes and take the other chosen program.  

Course Descriptions are as follows:



 Video Game Creation - Arcade Style (Ages 8-16)


The Arcade course is a program where the game that is created has action for each level all on one screen similar to Centipede, Asteroids, or Pac Man. The main character (which the children create) can be anything. Other characters (enemies) pursue the main character from off the screen or move about the screen.  The character dodges the attacks of the enemies while scoring points for picking up objects and destroying the enemy objects. Options are endless and children create level after level for a full week of fun. This is a half-day program. Students can add an additional program to make it a full day camp.

3D Concepts Camp

Children with prior experience with GameMaker software or are at least 9 years old will learn the principals used in making 3D style games while creating their own “home base defense games”. Lessons include the principles of perspective, scale, infinity and other concepts. Students are challenged while allowing them to creatively apply their GameMaker skills and learn how game designers make the 2D computer screen “come to life” with 3D effects