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Combine 2 programs

1/2 Day 3D Concepts and 1/2 Day Kodu Video Game Creation - Adventure Style
1/2 Day Kodu Video Game Creation-Adventure Style and 1/2 Day 3D Concepts
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 Children will be take a full day camp consisting of two half day courses. Each course is a different style game using the popular Kodu video game creation software or Scratch Animation software.  Children will take the Kodu (the Adventure Style video game) for ½ day and the Scratch Animation camp for the other half day. The camp director will assign the child to either of the two courses in the morning based upon enrollment, the age of the campers, and other factors.  Children will transition to the other course after the lunch break. Course descriptions are as follows:

Kodu Video Game Creation - Adventure Style (Ages 7-16)
New for 2015! Children will have the option of learning how to program a game for their Windows 7 or higher PC or using a Microsoft Xbox controller! Students learn game design as they create their own cool custom world and navigate through it. Within this world they will create tasks that need to be completed in order to progress to the next level. Tasks include a first person maze game format where the students create a maze and the character must escape the maze, a survival mode, and tasks such as outwitting rivals, creating decoys and collecting bonus items all while having fun! This is a half-day camp. Xbox controller is optional and supplied by the student. The controller must be a hard wired controller and NOT a wireless controller. Students can add an additional program to make it a full day camp.
3D Concepts
Children with prior experience with GameMaker software or are at least 9 years old will learn the principals used in making 3D style games while creating their own “home base defense games”. Lessons include the principles of perspective, scale, infinity and other concepts. Students are challenged while allowing them to creatively apply their GameMaker skills and learn how game designers make the 2D computer screen “come to life” with 3D effects
Children receive a camp T-shirt, certificate of completion, trophy and instructions on how to download the free software to run the game and their scratch animation projects at home.