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School Programs

USA Chess

USA Chess has been running school chess programs in schools in the southwest for over 14 years. USA Chess School chess programs generally consists of one half hour chess lessons and one half hour practice and play. USA Chess currently teaches chess at many public and private schools throughout the Dallas/Ft. Worth, Austin, and Houston areas. These programs are run in a variety of different ways -- some are held after school, some before school and others are part of the school's curriculum and therefore held during the school day. Some schools do not have organized clubs and therefore schedule meetings outside of the school (if a suitable location can be located).

USA Chess provides an experienced instructor to teach the children lessons geared toward their abilities.

How to Start a School Chess Program

Step 1 is to get the permission of the school principal. This is the most important step. USA Chess will not contact a school directly until a parent or administrator at the school has received permission from the principal to hold the program.

Once permission is granted, USA Chess takes over the process.There is little involvement by the school required beyond arranging for a room and deciding what day of the week the chess program will be held on. USA Chess will prepare a flyer to advertise the school chess program, provide all the materials, take the registrations and manage the classroom sessions.

The Structure of the School Chess Program

Most USA Chess school chess programs are one hour in length directly after school, one day per week. The time of the program, length and number of sessions can be flexible and depends on the school's desires. Most programs consist of one half hour lessons and one half hour practice and play.


USA Chess instructors are all experienced tournament chess players. Our staff includes several national and FIDE Masters, experts and more. They are background checked and screened to make sure they are effective instructors and teach children the game in a fun and interesting way.



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