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Chess and Video Game Design Camps for Kids!

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Holiday Camps December 26th - 30th, 2017
Summer Camps 2017

While having fun and making new friends are the main goals of camp all of our programs are designed to help develop critical thinking skills and improve creativity so important to the STEM fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

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  • USA Chess Camp

    Top Chess Instructors from all over the country teach children of all abilities at the USAChess Camp. Experience chess lessons and play in a fun filled environment. Each day consists of chess instruction and competitive play. Instructors are selected by USA Chess for their ability to make chess fun and teach the game to players of all levels. Select the following link for details.

  • Video Game Design Camp

    Create & program a unique Video Game at our Active Learning Video Game Creation Camp. Using our custom curricula, children learn Minecraft, GameMaker, Kodu or Scratch as they create their very own video games that they can actually play!  In 2016 we are offering 7 unique programs at more than 100 locations all over the United States. Select the following link for details.

  • Scratch Animation

    Students are introduced to programming by creating short computer animated movies with a focus to challenge their creativity and imaginations. Campers will create animated stories using the Scratch animated programming tool which allows them to program interactions between characters. They will use a gallery of 3D characters, scenery and custom animations that are designed to help develop their story. Select the link below for more information.

  • School Programs

    Active Learning and USA Chess have a number of chess enrichment programs available for schools who wish to start an after school or before school club, or other chess activity. Program costs depend on the instructor, duration of classes and driving distance. Typical programs are one hour programs one day per week consisting of a one half hour lesson (taught by and experienced instructor) and one half hour practice and play. If your school doesn't have a chess program, we can work with you to get it started. In most cases, there is no cost to the school (we bill the students or the PTA). Call us now!

  • Combine 2 programs

    Chose two half day programs offered at your location of choice programs and combine to make a full day session.